Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend Fun, Monday Madness

This is Sarah L. and this weekend was great! I finished knitting a sock from some beautiful orange and yellow wool I got at the Puyallup Spring Fair this year. And today I just learned my favorite band, Demon Hunter, is working on their next album and will be releasing it in November! Yeah!

This is them:

They're a Christian nu-metal band. They've got killer songs that glorify God.

Also went to a concert this weekend. Fivestone and Nate Weller Band. That was awesome, too, though I missed Fivestone because I was hangin' out with some gals from high school, which was way funner than seeing the band! LOL!

Today, Monday, has been insane! Some kind of rodent has died somewhere in the back room of my office, but we can't find it! SMELLY!!!! Ick! I think we need an office cat. A cute little mouser to take care of this problem! LOL!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Plenty of Fun!

Hello! Welcome the the Bonnets and Skulls blog! I'm Sarah L. and soon I'll be joined by my pal Mary T. as we bring you all things rockin' and all things plain! As well as knitting projects, gardening projects, band info, and fun discussions about God, Jesus, and the Holy GHOST!!!

Here's a pic that I used as a Christmas card last year!