Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fire and Butterflies

I've been working on a lot of different stuff. Unfortunately, I have only successfully completed a few things. It seems like every time I start a project that I think is going to work out, it doesn't. And now that it's super hot out, I'm not much in the mood to knit or spin at all. I did some sewing, but even that didn't turn out all that great.

Here is the final pics of the Socks for Veronik that I actually started in January and finished finally last month.

YARN: Aracaunia Ranco Multi
NEEDLES: Size 1 double points
PATTERN: Socks for Veronik from Interweave Knits Holiday 2007

I loved the pattern and I love knitting with this yarn. But the socks started felted within a few hours of wearing them, so I won't be able to put them into the fair. Bummer.

Also, I used the Light My Fire yarn that I spun dk weight and knit a cute vest. It went very fast and is really comfortable. And it fits perfectly.

YARN: Handspun Superwash Merino in the Light My Fire colorway.
NEEDLES: Size 5 and 7 24" circulars
PATTERN: Tank Top, Long Version from Twilleys of Stamford, catalog 455
SIZE: Big enough to fit me! LOL!

I really love the way the yarn striped and how different it is from front to back. I have quite a bit left over, so I'm going to knit some socks to go with it.

Mostly my mind has been on God and what He's doing in the church, here locally and throughout the world. And I've been reading a lot. I just finished a book called Blessed Child by Bill Bright and Ted Dekker (Ted Dekker is one of my most favorite authors!) It was very intense and really made me want to see the Kingdom of God in a new way. The other books I'm reading is Red Moon Rising by Pete Greig and Under the Overpass by Mike Yankoski. I keep wondering what I can do that is daring for God, like these guys.

I was leaving this morning for church and discovered a visitor in my lilies next to the front door. He was having way too much fun and didn't mind me watching him, so I ran back inside and grabbed my camera, hoping he wouldn't fly away. When I got back outside, he wasn't in my lilies anymore, but I saw him hopping about on the lilies next door. I crept over there and got some awesome shots of him.
It wasn't long before my cat, Gus, decided he wanted to know what was up. He crept up to the deck above the flowers and stalked the butterfly for several minutes. He made a jump for the little visitor, but looked more like a falling brick than a ferocious cat and didn't get the snack he was looking for.

BTW: The cabin in the banner is the Olmstead family cabin at Olmstead State Park off the Kittitas Highway. I went with a rather large crew from work and volunteered time to pull weeds and lay chipped wood on the trails. It was really fun, despite the heat and the mosquitos. They would love to have volunteers out there any Wednesday and Saturday. For information, just click this link!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I have really been neglecting this! No posts since May and it's already July! I will try to remedy that this week and get some new pics up of fun stuff I've done and projects I've finished, etc. It's super hot here, like in the 100s quite a bit. It cooled off for Independence Day, even had a beautiful thunder and lightning show that morning!

I'm going to leave y'all with a picture from the local Dachshund's on Parade and I'll be back in action here shortly!