Monday, January 17, 2011

It Has Begun

So the new shop is open at 3rd Floor Creations.

And the new blog is up and already has two posts at 3rd Floor Creations.

And that officially closes Bonnets and Skulls! Hope to see you at the new location!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Closing Down and Opening Up

For those who are still visiting this site, thank you so much for your continued interest in Mary and my doings! It's been a year since I last got on here and I am now closing Bonnets and Skulls down.

But never fear! I will be creating a new blog to follow the start up of my new etsy shop, 3rd Floor Creations. The shop will be focused on my painting, knitting, paper crafts, and photography. There may also be some bits and bobs along the vintage jewelry and pottery as well.

3rd Floor Creations will open on January 17, 2011 at My seller name is WeeHoursCreatory. I will be taking custom orders for some items, such as the knitted Veske and note card sets and photos, but the rest will be one of a kind.

I hope to see all of you at the new blog site, 3rd Floor Creations!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sew Crazy

Long time, no posts. Partly because I'm investigating other bloggy avenues. Also, there has been an unhappy amount of spam in the comments area, which has now been cleaned up. Unfortunately, I am no longer allowing anonymous comments here because of it. You will have to have a google account to leave a comment and all comments are now moderated. Grrrrrr.... EVIL SPAMMERS!!!!!!

Ok. Now I'm done ranting, I've been doing all kinds of insane things over the past few months. Mostly involving my sewing machine. :) Another evil thing: More hobbies than your budget and time allotment can support!!! LOL! So, I started quilting. Yeah! Love fabric. Love sewing. So why not!?!?

My first ever quilt. Used a moda Layer Cake in Soiree and just sewed them together. Nothing fancy. Used DreamWool batting inside. This thing is so warm!

My second quilt. Much more difficult than the first, especially with the slanted corners. This is two charm packs and some yardage in moda's Cotton Blossoms. The back is just unbleached muslin. Gave this to my mom for Christmas. :)

About four years ago, I bought a bunch of 1/2 yards of various Amy Butler fabric. Finally found some use for them! This is a pattern from In Stitches from AB. I'll be using it in my new office at work.

Wanted a felted/fabric basket, so designed this. Used Noro yarn I forgot I had, leftover AB fabric I used to make a tunic (will be seen in a future post) and extra thick template plastic to create the shape. The clipboard I bought unfinished at Craft Warehouse and covered with paper and put my ode to geekism on the front.

Leftover AB fabric and some other stuff that I bought to make a shirt (also to be featured in a future post). The design and layout is just from my head and the size pieces I had available. The back is teal/aqua/pink striped yarn-dyed fabric I had used to make a skirt that didn't end up fitting.

Ok. Now the travel edition of this blog. Went to the ocean at Thanksgiving. It was awesome. Cold and windy and stormy. But the sun's rays coming through the clouds were perfect.

Interesting chunk of driftwood.

Light on the waves.

Serious wave action. Would not want to be swimming in that!

Went for an early winter walk down by the Yakima River. This shot is my ode to JJ Abrams. :)

I know this one is out of focus, but I love the colors and the blending. I just put the camera on the ground and snapped this without looking. :)

Everywhere was layers and layers of ice. Took a closeup to see how it would come out.

Mary T. setting up her camera to take both our pictures. I like this shot a lot. Mary in her element!!!!

So that's all for the pictures at the moment. I have many other projects going, but it is time to clean my house. It's amazing how a cat can be so untidy!!!! ;)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall Fiber and Fun

This fall has been super interesting and here's the pics to show for it! We've had the Kittitas County Fair, which was awesome. We won the Black and White Barn Award from the State. :) Also, been re-designing my house interior. And knitting and spinning and just having a good time!

Office Fun: Me with Sasquatch

Me as Pirate LaRue

The view on the way to work, October 30.

The Fall Fiber Festival, October 17. Good turnout this year!

Karla Kaatz demonstrating weaving at the Fall Fiber Festival.

Joan teaching drop spindling to a new spinner at the Fall Fiber Festival

Would love to dive into the middle of all that wool! Suri alpaca. *sigh*

The girls out for a stroll. They're finally laying eggs. Talk about the best thing ever! Fresh eggs are the bomb!!!!

Sidewalk Sunflower. Found this beauty over on 3rd and Kittitas on the way to Fred Meyer.

Ummm... Which way do I go? Sign at the Kittitas County Fair.

He looks so sweet!!! Yeah. No. One of the bulls for the Extreme Bulls Rodeo event.

My project basket got Judge's Choice. Yeah!!!

Fair display for the Fiber Arts Booth. Lots of variety in fibers here.

The moon from my backyard. I took this with my Cybershot just standing and holding the camera. I was pretty impressed that my camera was able to get that kind of detail. You can see the craters on the lower right side.

A purse I made using a pattern from Interweave Knits magazine. The exterior I spun from a blend called potluck. The fabric interior is leftovers from a skirt that I made.

So that's been most of what's going on this fall. I took two photo series, one of the color orange and one of the signs of Ellensburg. I will get a link up to the galleries soon.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


As promised, here's the pics from my adventure in Providence, Rhode Island. First off, I never ever thought of going to Rhode Island. At all. But it is the east coast, and I've always wanted to go there! Providence was very different than Seattle as far as large cities go. The people were friendly. Sometimes a bit too friendly! Anyway, here's my trip in pics.

Mount St. Helens from the plane during take off. I sat next to a wonderful naval pilot and a mission doctor from Cambodia. They were awesome.

Mount Rainier from take off.

Signs on a street in Providence across from the First Baptist Church of America.

View from the hotel, the Radisson on the Harbor.

The First Baptist Church of America, founded in 1638 by Roger Williams.

An eagle carved into the pillars of the gate at the State House.

Columns are a common sight in downtown Providence.

A trumpeter swan on the Woonasquatucket River.

The braziers for the Waterfire show. I missed it because I was flying back to Seattle the afternoon of the event.

Buildings on Westminster Street. This street was beautiful.

Loved this shot from the Skybridge between the Westin Hotel and Providence Place Mall.

Me in front of the State House. And yes, I found a Starbucks the moment I got into town!

Dorrance Street was one street I crossed the most. It was right between Starbucks and the Convention Center. It also was quite beautiful.

View of boats on the harbor from the hotel.

A black and white rendering of the red door on the Grace Episcople Church founded in 1829.

Another great view from the skybridge. I'm not sure which of the churches belong to these steeples.

Leaving Rhode Island. I was told that this is the bridge between Newport and the mainland.

Black and White of Philadelphia as we were flying out. The original picture was sooo hazy and cloudy, you could barely see anything at all. I did some serious work on this to clear it up, but black and white was really the only way to see it well.

A meandering river somewhere in the middle of the USA. Could be the Mississippi, I suppose, but I'm not sure.

Mountains and glaciers and an alpine lake still frozen over. Not sure if these are the Rockies or the Cascades. I'm thinking they're the Rockies.

Don't know which mountains these are either, but I like the perspective, how they stretch on and on.

The final bank coming into SeaTac Airport. This was a beautiful sight to come home to!

NEXT POST: Kittitas County Fair and Life through Orange Colored Cameras!