Thursday, November 20, 2008

Stuff That's Happened...

So. Long time, no chat. Lots has been going on. Since the Kittitas County Fair we've had two massive spin-ins. The Fall Fiber Festival in Ellensburg in October was an amazing success. We had many come for the day and many more that heard about the event through the local paper and through random comments at our local farmer's market. Also, we had several gals visit who heard about it on Ravelry! Only two of the pictures I took weren't blurry, so here they are.

Everyone and their wheels!

Janelle creating some beautiful yarn.

Also, we had the Veteran's Day Spin In at Terry's house out in the country east of Ellensburg. I did get some good pictures from there. A lot of ladies were there and all of them had beautiful wheels and even more beautiful fleece to spin! Terry made some lovely lamb soup and someone brought pumpkin cookies (my favorite kind!) and there was plenty of coffee!. So here's some pics from the event:
My wheel in the sunshine.

Terry spinning on her Polonaise.

Some of Terry's sheep enjoying the sun.

A couple of weeks ago everyone at work went to the Wild Horse Wind Farm just east of town. While there I got some awesome photos.

The Kittitas Valley from the wind farm's meeting hall.

An old windmill with the new windmill behind. I like the old one better.

And then a few days ago we had one of the most amazing skies I've ever seen and so I took pictures of that so I could paint it.

About a month ago I decided to try my hand at painting with watercolors. I must say that I thoroughly enjoy it and have created several paintings already. If you go to my Flickr site you can view them there. Below is the first one I did which I gave to my dear friend Wendy for her birthday. It's of a garden in Montana (Great Falls maybe? Could have been Helena. Don't remember.)

So I would have let you all know about my knitting adventures, but it's taken two hours just to get this far and now it's time for bed. Good night and dream of the knitting to come!!!