Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wooly Birthdays and Stuff

So, I'm sort of back in the land of the living. I've been battling a nasty cold for the past month or so and am finally starting to get some energy back. In between bouts of bed rest, I've done many things. Like design a cute little handbag for a cables class.

YARN: O-WOOL Balance, about a skein and a half
NEEDLES: Size 6 16" circulars and size 6 double points

I also went with Mary T., Janelle, and Cheri to the Shepherd's Extravaganza at the Puyallup Fair. The trip was wonderful, if quick, which was a good thing as Snoqualmie Pass was closed down shortly after we made it back home. It was cold and wet and windy at the fairgrounds and the piroshky place had yet to receive their shipment of salmon and cream cheese goodness, but a good time was still had! I bought a pound and a half of some really beautiful wool from a German dude named Klaus from Yelm. I just liked to listen to him talk because he had such a great accent. LOL! Mary bought a ton of wool also and some Polish pottery that is truly beautiful. Janelle and Cheri also got some great wool. I only ended up taking one picture while I was there, so if you wanna see the fun, you'll have to check out Janelle's blog. You'll find the link over there on the right. Here's some pics of the stuff I bought.

This is some superwash merino. It's called "Light My Fire." :)

This is what it's looking like spun up.
And I got some Corriedale in a color called "The 12th Planet"

Also, I tried to spin some angora top and failed terribly, so I used my handcarders and blended it with some superwash merino I a bought at the Shepherd's Extravaganza last year. The result is beautiful and soft.

Also, I used my new book Intertwined and created my first skein of fabric yarn. I totally love it, but I have no idea yet what I'll do with it. I used a cotton thread for the core and then 1 inch strips for the fabric part. I used some old wool I had laying around for the "glue" and made little bows with some extra strips of fabric.

Also, Mary had her birthday and spin-in this month. It was really fun with lots of beautiful desserts and fun gifts and decorations. Everything was pink and white.

Lori made the cakes, which were amazing. I used my china that's been passed down to me from forever ago and bought all the other decorations.

This is the happy group spinning and knitting away.

And this is some silk that I won from Janelle's blog. It's dyed with cochineal, which are bugs. Lots of bug bodies ground up into a dye. Don't look at me like that! It made a super pretty color and I'm gonna knit my bug body silk skein!

I also went to a concert up at the college. My driver, John, is the lead singer of a band called Mon Marie and they'll be going on national tour this summer. I wish I could have stayed longer, but being still not well, I only hung out for about 5 songs. My pics didn't turn out so great, but here's a few of them.
Lots of fun the last two months! Also, I went intertubing and drove to the Tri-Cities and almost finished knitting a sweater, and many many other things. Maybe I'll post more about that someday, but it's getting late and I'm ready for bed! Night all!

Monday, April 14, 2008

A POST....

Will be coming soon from Mary and Sarah! Stay tuned and Happy Spring!