Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sew Crazy

Long time, no posts. Partly because I'm investigating other bloggy avenues. Also, there has been an unhappy amount of spam in the comments area, which has now been cleaned up. Unfortunately, I am no longer allowing anonymous comments here because of it. You will have to have a google account to leave a comment and all comments are now moderated. Grrrrrr.... EVIL SPAMMERS!!!!!!

Ok. Now I'm done ranting, I've been doing all kinds of insane things over the past few months. Mostly involving my sewing machine. :) Another evil thing: More hobbies than your budget and time allotment can support!!! LOL! So, I started quilting. Yeah! Love fabric. Love sewing. So why not!?!?

My first ever quilt. Used a moda Layer Cake in Soiree and just sewed them together. Nothing fancy. Used DreamWool batting inside. This thing is so warm!

My second quilt. Much more difficult than the first, especially with the slanted corners. This is two charm packs and some yardage in moda's Cotton Blossoms. The back is just unbleached muslin. Gave this to my mom for Christmas. :)

About four years ago, I bought a bunch of 1/2 yards of various Amy Butler fabric. Finally found some use for them! This is a pattern from In Stitches from AB. I'll be using it in my new office at work.

Wanted a felted/fabric basket, so designed this. Used Noro yarn I forgot I had, leftover AB fabric I used to make a tunic (will be seen in a future post) and extra thick template plastic to create the shape. The clipboard I bought unfinished at Craft Warehouse and covered with paper and put my ode to geekism on the front.

Leftover AB fabric and some other stuff that I bought to make a shirt (also to be featured in a future post). The design and layout is just from my head and the size pieces I had available. The back is teal/aqua/pink striped yarn-dyed fabric I had used to make a skirt that didn't end up fitting.

Ok. Now the travel edition of this blog. Went to the ocean at Thanksgiving. It was awesome. Cold and windy and stormy. But the sun's rays coming through the clouds were perfect.

Interesting chunk of driftwood.

Light on the waves.

Serious wave action. Would not want to be swimming in that!

Went for an early winter walk down by the Yakima River. This shot is my ode to JJ Abrams. :)

I know this one is out of focus, but I love the colors and the blending. I just put the camera on the ground and snapped this without looking. :)

Everywhere was layers and layers of ice. Took a closeup to see how it would come out.

Mary T. setting up her camera to take both our pictures. I like this shot a lot. Mary in her element!!!!

So that's all for the pictures at the moment. I have many other projects going, but it is time to clean my house. It's amazing how a cat can be so untidy!!!! ;)


WAM said...

YAY! You're back! I would love a "class" in blogging how colorful yours is...

Missin' you!

Melany said...

The quilts are beautiful!